May 242010

     Welcome to the newest edition of  the Travel with Teens and Tweens blog carnival.  In recent weeks we’ve been reading lots of family travel blogs and are happy to share some of our favorites with you.  We also make a point to enter most of these in Stumble Upon in the hopes lots of people will check them out.
     Our theme this time around is Family Travel with Teens and TweensThanks to those writers who sent in links and welcome to those that we found on our own.

Family Adventures Near and Far

     Dee Andrews presents Lost in the Sahara posted at Travel and Travails, saying, “Morocco is surprisingly a wonderful family vacation. Teens and tweens will love camping in the Sahara Desert and trekking on camels.”  Wondering just how much adventure teens and tweens can stand? Read this article to find out!

     Michael Kundu relates another family travel adventure in Diving with Teens in a guest post on Farewell Travels.  Michael describes diving with his 15 and 16 year old sons to explore coral caves off the coast of Jamaica’s  Seven Mile Beach. 

    Sarah Lavender Smith from Away Together offers a steady series of international family travel adventures with her 12-year old tween and younger sibling as they take a year-long tour around the world.  We particularly enjoyed her detailed article Eat, Run, Love about a wonderful day in Italy’s  Cinque Terre.  

Travel in the US

     Kara Williams sends us Best Hikes for Kids in Arches National Park posted at The Vacation Gals.  She recommends the 3-mile round trip hike to famous Delicate Arch.  It takes about 2-hours round trip and is strenuous enough to keep teens and tweens interested.

     Olivia at TeenTravelers shares a Mother’s Day weekend family trip to Glenwood Springs Caverns in Colorado for a weekend of cave tours, 4D movies, laser tag, rock wall climbing and more in her article Glenwood Springs Caverns: A Cool Colorado Theme Park.

     Pamela of the Blah, Blah Blog entertains us with a description of her family’s recent visit to Oakland, CA in “Oakland“.  We learn that Oakland is more than just a “big, scary, high crime mecca” and get some insight into the telescopes and exhibits at the delightful Chabot Space and Science Museum.

    Stuart Sternberg, guest blogger on Travel Mamas shares his strategies to prepare for a road trip from New Jersey to Florida this summer, with a 17-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter in tow.  His article Road Trip with Teens – Are You Crazy? has some great ideas for keeping everyone sane.  We’ll have to check back later in the summer to see how they fare.

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