Oct 222010

Welcome to the October 2010 edition of the Travel with Teens and Tweens blog carnival.  As our regular readers know, since our return from the Jersey Shore, we have been focusing our travel energies on visits to several New England college campuses includingUMass Amherst, University of New Hampshire and Northeastern University.

Although our travels have been rather academic as of late, many of our fellow family bloggers have been having a wide range of adventures.  Our focus this month is on family travels during the autumn and late summer of 2010.  So here we go:

Families With Teens and Tweens Explore the US

     Kara Williams wrote about a  Fabulous Family Attraction near Colorado Springs: Cave of the Windsposted at The Vacation Gals.  Her family’s Eco-Venture tour of this historic limestone  cave system was lit only by personal flashlights, rather than large spotlights.  This not only saves energy but reminds visitors of what the cave was like before it was invaded by tourists.
    Lisa T. Bergren shared some fabulous fall foliage photos in the mountains above Aspen Colorado in her article  Maroon Bells Creek Hike posted at The World is Calling.  With kids ages 15, 12 and 7 she reports this 3.2 mile hike is one of the best she has ever taken.
     Meanwhile, the Ezell Family including three teens and tweens ages 11, 13 and 14, posts about their ongoing homeschooling, RV trip across America on their FoggyPhilsblog. Mom blogger Holly recounts recent stops in Gettysburg and a visit to Washington, DC.  Read her report on a meeting with their congressman in Friends, Americans, Congressman – Lend Me Your Ears!

Round the World Family Travel with Tweens Continues

     Mummy T, of  Travels with a Nine Year Old is in the midst of a round the world trip with her 9 year old son.  She writes of  their encounter with a 13 year old native of the Togian Islands, off Sulawesi, Indonesia.  Her  article, Because Children Know No Cultural Divide, describes how the kids were able to become friends and learn a great deal from one another.
     Meanwhile, the world traveling Gill Family went Walking with Hawks in Wales on the Gill Adventures Blog.  They learned a lot about these majestic birds (named Twiggy and Sid) and handled them inside, but weather prevented letting the birds fly free outside.

Teens Blog About Their Own Adventures

      Anna Bahnfleth presents Weekend Overview posted at Anna in Germany, saying, “I’m a 16 year old American exchange student in Germany and these are some of my experiences so far this year!”  We really enjoy seeing teens take on the challenge of sharing their insights – keep blogging Anna.
     Finally, Oliva of Teen Travelers (daughter of Lisa T. Bergren mentioned above) shares her experience on the Aspen Colorado Rio Grande Bike Trail. She reports a weekend that she thought would be boring hanging out with the family turned out to be a pretty good time!

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