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    Smugglers’ Notch ski and snowboard resort offers a wide range of off-slope activities for the whole family.  One of the most recent additions is the Arbortrek Canopy Tour, a 4-season thrill ride featuring 4,500 feet of ziplines, skybridges and rappeling through the forest valley below the Notch.    As part of our visit to Smuggs, the Arbortrek team offered #1 son the opportunity to take the 3-hour tour.

     The tour is open to kids as young as 8.  Kids and teens under age 16 need to have an adult along while 17 and 18 year olds can participate on their own as long as mom or dad signs a waiver.    On #1 son’s tour the group was a mix of adults and families with teenage or college age kids.   The temperature was slightly above zero which might have made it a little more challenging for younger kids, although in warmer weather tweens and older kids would have a great time.

      After putting on harnesses and going through a safety check, each tour group of 8 participants and 2 guides heads out for a short ground school to make sure everyone understands how to maneuver safely on the zipline system.  From there, its onto the shuttle bus for the short ride to the starting point. 

Heading out for Arbortrek

      From the bus, the group walks to the first platform, attaches to the zipline and dual safety lines, and then just steps out and heads downhill – 30 feet or more in the air!  The first run is relatively short, but each one gets longer and longer until the longest one at 1,000 feet.  There are 8 ziplines in all. 


     #1 son raved about the “big one”.  He said you couldn’t see the next platform as the trees whipped by and the wind and snow blew in his face.  He said it felt like a smooth roller coaster ride.    The ziplines vibrate and the wind was loud but he said he always felt safe.

On the zipline at Arbortrek

     In between zip runs, the group had a chance to hang off the end of the platforms and traverse rope suspension bridges.  Most of the time is spent in the canopy of the trees except for short periods when the group rappels down from a platform and walks to the next one.  The trip is all downhill.

Arbortrek suspension bridge

      #1 son was impressed by the guides.   Most of them have degrees in environmental studies, outdoor education, forestry or related areas and shared a lot of their knowledge by pointing out the various trees and plants in along the route.    He said he would recommend the tour in any season since even in the dead of winter it was a great time!

Trained guides lead the way

Disclosure:  Arbortrek provided #1 son with a complimentary tour as part of our 3-day visit to Smugglers’ Notch.  Smugglers provided accommodations, lift tickets and lessons.  Our accepting these opportunities does not require that we publish a positive review.  All opinions in this article are 100% ours. 

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