Oct 222012

Main Street USA welcomes you to the Magic KingdomDisney World continues to be a favorite destination for families with teens and tweens from around the world.  Our teens know why – it’s a magical place with amazing rides, shows, games, hotels, pools, shopping and much more.  Parents like it because it is clean, safe and often allows teens a measure of freedom that few other destinations permit – with no car required thanks to the Disney World transit system, which includes shuttles to and from the airport as well as between all the hotels and parks.

Our oldest teen and his friends booked and arranged their post-graduation trip to Disney World all on their own.  In making their arrangements for a weeklong stay they soon discovered that Theme Park tickets can take a pretty big bite out of the budget.   They also discovered that planning ahead and buying tickets before they arrived at the Parks was a great way to save a little money.

For families arriving from the United Kingdom, buying tickets before you arrive via a UK-based discount ticket agency, such as our friends at Attractions Tickets Direct, can help save a few £ sterling.   Billed as the UK’s #1 ticket agency for US attractions, the agency offers discount Disney World tickets as well as savings opportunities for a wide range of Orlando attractions including discount Universal tickets.  They have sent over 1.5 million customers to Florida and are one of Disney’s biggest customers, which means they get great deals on tickets for their customers.

During October the major Orlando theme parks go all out to celebrate Halloween.  Disney World’s celebration, of course, showcases Mickey and Minnie, while Universal goes with more of a scary Halloween Horror theme that is well suited for teens.   Later in November and throughout December, both parks feature a myriad of special Christmas and winter holiday programs and decorations.   Combination tickets that include SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens, Aquatica and LEGOLAND Florida are also available for US-based families that just can’t get enough of Orlando’s theme parks.

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