DC’s National Icons Inspire Teens and Tweens

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May 222010
DC's National Icons Inspire Teens and Tweens

     Teens and tweens are the perfect age to visit Washington, DC.  Not only are they sturdy enough to walk miles a day, but they know enough about American History to appreciate and respect what they see — and to develop a much deeper sense of the sacrifices made by so many to form and sustain our country.   We only had a day so we started at the National Mall and decided to play it by ear to see how much ground we could cover.      Our first stop was a visit to the Lincoln Memorial.  Standing on the steps, looking towards the 555-foot tall Washington Monument we found ourselves giving an impromptu history lesson about Martin Luther King’s March on Washington and the Civil Rights movement.  The kids had heard of the [...]

May 202010
Teens Fly High at National Air and Space Museums

A few years ago when our teens were tweens we visited the Washington DC area for a family reunion. Along the way we were able to do some sight seeing including visits to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum on the Mall in DC and the even larger Udvar-Hazy annex near Dulles airport. Between the two museums we saw every era of flight from early Wright Brother’s craft to man’s mission in space. Both parents and kids were fascinated by the many different types of aircraft on exhibit.  The World War I and World War II vintage planes looked so small when we considered what a critical role they played in battle.  Our son who is a bit of a military historian was particularly interested in these. We were also [...]