Jan 072013
Family Travel Bloggers Share Great Ideas for Travel Fun with Teens and Tweens

While many families with teens and tweens slow down travels when school and sports start in September, our favorite family travel bloggers somehow manage to stay on the move all year round!  Over the last couple of months they have had some pretty amazing experiences that we thought you might like to hear about.  They have lots of great ideas and inspiration that might inspire your next family vacation.  Here’s a round-up of some of our favorites! The Best of the US Kara Williams and her intrepid tweens from The Vacation Gals, has us wishing we had stowed away on her family trip to Hawaii’s Big Island – one of our all time favorite family vacation destinations.  They barely had time to enjoy the beach between taking lessons at the [...]

Jul 312012
Great Blog Posts About Family Travels With Teens and Tweens

Our every growing network of family travel bloggers have been busy this summer.  We have enjoyed reading about their recent exploits and revisiting a couple older posts as well.   Hope you enjoy these as much as we did: Overseas Adventures with Teens and Tweens Jennifer Miner of The Vacation Gals reports this is the first year officially has both a teen and a tween travel partners. Her article, Berlin Bike Tour: Private Guided Bicycle Tour in East Berlin  describes her family’s four hour, seven mile trip highlighting the Berlin Wall.  Jen noted that,  as a mother, she was concerned that Berlin on Bike’s tour of the Berlin Wall might be too depressing for her  kids…but she  needn’t have worried.  Her guide described the physical shortages suffered by East Berlin residents efforts to save them. He also talked about [...]

May 142012
News from Our Favorite Travel Blogging Families with Teens and Tweens

Its time again to check in with with some of our favorite traveling families.  As usual, moms, dads, teens, tweens, siblings, pets, friends and relatives have been exploring the world in any number of unique and imaginative ways from slow round-the-world unschooling to short luxury getaways and everything in between.  We hope you find time to visit each of these wonderful blogs and get some travel inspiration of your own from reading each of their stories! We start by catching up with our favorite round the world travelers. Updates from Long Term Traveling Families When we last heard from Tigger and Crazy Dad from 1 Dad 1 Kid, they were packing up to leave Honduras and were heading to Columbia.  In their post  Welcome to Columbia, we learned how they [...]

Mar 152012
The Best Recent Family Travel with Teens and Tweens Articles on the Web

This is another in our semi-regular series of round-ups featuring recent articles by some of our favorite family travel writers who are exploring the world with teens and tweens in tow.  This time around we learned about some great museums sure to hold the attention of this crowd.  We also had the opportunity to read about some truly awesome once in a lifetime adventures and ponder jealously how we could line up one of those gigs.  Finally, we read with admiration about the doings of those traveling families who have taken the homeschool or unschooling route in order to show their teens and tweens the world.  We hope you enjoy these articles as well. Great Museums for Teens and Tweens Sandra Foyt of Albany Kid shared her experiences of visiting [...]

Travel with Teens and Tweens Blog Carnival Winter 2012

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Jan 082012
Travel with Teens and Tweens Blog Carnival Winter 2012

Welcome to the January 8, 2012 edition of the Travel with Teens and Tweens Blog Carnival.  This is another in our ongoing series that features links to some of our favorite family travel blog posts involving real families with kids ages 10-18.  These families get around and provide a lot of fun family travel inspiration .. so here we go. Hiking Adventures The scrub forest reminds us of old Hawaii Jennifer Miner of The Vacation Gals sent us Hiking Trail on Hawaii’s Kohala Coast about a stroll on the the Ala Kahakai Trail connecting the Hapuna Beach Prince and Mauna Kea Beach Hotels on Hawaii’s Big Island.  It is part of a 175-mile historic trail circling much of the Island.  Jen says, “hiking is always a healthy family vacation activity, and [...]

Dec 142011

Welcome to the December 14, 2011 edition of the Carnival of Cities blog carnival that features links to blog posts about  any aspect of one, single city (or fair-sized town).  It is published every two weeks, thanks to the efforts of Shelia Scarborough who keeps us organized.  The previous edition of the Carnival of Cities was hosted on the Perceptive Travel Blog.   The next edition on April 20, 2011 will be hosted by Shelia’s Guide to the Good Stuff.  This is the third time Travel with Teens and Tweens has hosted the Carnival.  We enjoy the chance it gives us to check out what lots of other wonderful travel writers are up to.  If you would like to host a future Carnival edition on your blog please contact:  Sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com. Thanks! And now, here we go: City [...]

Nov 212011
Four Top Warm Weather Winter Travel Ideas for Families with Teens and Tweens

The cold weather is finally hitting the Northeast and while we are looking forward to skiing and hockey, we can’t help but start thinking about some warm weather winter getaway ideas.  Since we are dreaming, we figure we might as well dream big — you know, those extended, vacation of a lifetime getaways that the teens will remember even after they have gone off to college! As always, our travel blogger friends have lots of  inspiration to share so here we go .. follow the links for some great articles chock full of lots of wonderful photos, then start checking out airfare and hotels for some major league warm weather winter family vacations with your teens and tweens. Hawaiian Beaches, Nature, Shopping and Water Sports Although it is a long [...]