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Dartmouth's Baker LibraryThis page is designed to pull together all our college-related resources and learnings from our ongoing journey.  #1 Son made his decision in 2012.  We are starting round two with the princess in late 2013

Here are a couple of our past articles to help you and your would-be college student start to create a college search and application strategy

College Visit Reviews

These reviews summarize our initial impressions and include photos of campus buildings and landscapes, dorm rooms, libraries and dining halls.  This group of schools were visited during 2011-2012

Family Fun Ideas While Visiting Colleges

Particularly when making an out of town visit, it can help to get a sense of the broader community.  If you are dragging along younger siblings they probably deserve a break from endless information sessions and campus tours.  Here are some  ideas for activities to turn college visits into mini-family vacations – particularly during summer visits when the whole family might have a little extra time.

Check out the following posts for family fun ideas near these East Coast college meccas:

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