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While many families with teens and tweens slow down travels when school and sports start in September, our favorite family travel bloggers somehow manage to stay on the move all year round!  Over the last couple of months they have had some pretty amazing experiences that we thought you might like to hear about.  They have lots of great ideas and inspiration that might inspire your next family vacation.  Here’s a round-up of some of our favorites!

A smoldering Halema`uma`u crater on the summit of the Kīlauea volcano

A smoldering Halema`uma`u crater on the summit of the Kīlauea volcano

The Best of the US

Kara Williams and her intrepid tweens from The Vacation Gals, has us wishing we had stowed away on her family trip to Hawaii’s Big Island – one of our all time favorite family vacation destinations.  They barely had time to enjoy the beach between taking lessons at the FBI Surf School, enjoying a Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour of the volcanoes and waterfalls,  going undersea in the Atlantis Submarine and kayaking with Kohala Ditch Adventures.  What a trip and what great ideas for family fun in her post Family-Friendly Activities on Hawaii, the Big Island.

Terri and the family from Travel 50 States with Kids, made it a priority to visit the national memorials to fallen war heros during their recent visit to Washington DC.  The kids were the ones who decided to devote half a day to walking around the Tidal Basin and National Mall viewing both the presidential and war memorials.  Her post DC – War Memorials includes detailed directions and lots of photos to help you plan your visit.

Sherri and her son from Sherri’s Traveling Classroom visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina to celebrate the 110th Anniversary of Flight when the Wright Brothers sailed over the the Outer Banks in their “Wright Flyer”.  The Memorial includes reproductions of the early flyers as well as reconstructions of the 1903 wooden living quarters and hangar where the Wright brothers conducted their experiments.  Outside, markers show where the first flights took place – this looks like a “must visit” location for anyone interested in the history of aviation and flight.

We're really in New York City!

New York City!

Mo and tween daughters from Mo Travels enjoyed Hot Dogs, The Plaza, and Dolls! Oh My! during a December visit to the Big Apple — New York City — another one of our top 10 vacation destinations for teens and tweens – particularly girls that love to shop!  After tea at the American Girl Doll Cafe and a tour of the The Plaza hotel, the girls couldn’t wait to see what else New York had to offer.

Playing Tourist Around the World!

Talon and Son from 1 Dad 1 Kid 1 Crazy Adventure took time out from their ongoing world schooling adventures to play tourist in Cancun.  Although initially concerned about tourist safety in the area they soon decided it was fine to walk and explore all around town, even outside the main tourist areas.  In What About Tourist Safety in Cancun we get some insight into staying street smart while enjoying Indian food, shopping malls and a water park.

Claudia, her husband and tween boys from the Travelling Mom kept the tourist theme going with a visit to the Westside Mall in  Bern-Brunnen, Switzerland. They declared it an architectural landmark and the Coolest Mall in Europe  after checking out the the Bernaqua Erlebnisbad & Spa – the Adventure Pool – which includes 18 different indoor & outdoor water facilities, including; several waterslides (the longest covered ones in Switzerland), indoor & outdoor pools, kiddie splash pool, saunas, spas and fitness facilities.

Stuart and Kirstie and their tweens from The Family Adventure Project spent a week visiting London on a mission to view the city from the air as many different ways as possible.  In Climbing Up over London: Up at The 02 Arena they travel over (as in on the roof) of one of London’s largest domes – the 02 Arena in East London–  attached to a wire suspended along a walkway.  Apparently the roof doubles as London’s largest trampoline too!

Finally, Lisa and family from Gone with the Family fit in a visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Château de Versailles during their recent trip to Paris.  In Visiting The Palace Of Versailles With Kids, her 15 year old and 8 year old daughters were of divided opinions about the luxurious lifestyle of 17th century French royalty with the younger daughter being very impressed by the beauty of the palace whereas the  teenage declared it to be an excessive waste of money that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Where to Next?

Thanks again to all our traveling family bloggers for keeping us up to date about life on the road.  We can’t wait to read what they will try next!  Stop by all their blogs for even more wonderful ideas for the next time your family needs a little travel inspiration.

Jul 312012

Our every growing network of family travel bloggers have been busy this summer.  We have enjoyed reading about their recent exploits and revisiting a couple older posts as well.   Hope you enjoy these as much as we did:

Overseas Adventures with Teens and Tweens

Jennifer Miner of The Vacation Gals reports this is the first year officially has both a teen and a tween travel partners. Her article, Berlin Bike Tour: Private Guided Bicycle Tour in East Berlin  describes her family’s four hour, seven mile trip highlighting the Berlin Wall.  Jen noted that,  as a mother, she was concerned that Berlin on Bike’s tour of the Berlin Wall might be too depressing for her  kids…but she  needn’t have worried.  Her guide described the physical shortages suffered by East Berlin residents efforts to save them. He also talked about the psychological impact in a way that allowed the to see how things have changed today.

Jennifer Miller of Edventure Project shared her perspective on a tween turning 12 on the road in her article: Mental Wanderings of the Streets of Hanoi or: Elisha’s Communist Birthday.  She describes the day as one long lesson in Vietnamese history and their version of Communism.

Talon Windwalker from 1 Kid 1 Dad shared a series of articles about visiting Mexico’s Yucatan with his tween.  Their article about visitng Valladolid: A Must-See in the Yucatan,  provides a great introduction to an area that many tourists overlook.

Brett Love of Green Global Travel wrote about about teaching his almost tween age daughter about the importance of nature/wildlife conservation in Costa Rica in his article Destinations: Costa Rica series.  We particularly enjoyed the photo of the tree frog in Tortuguero, on Costa Rica‘s extremely remote Caribbean coast.  Although this dates back to 2010 its still got lots of great travel ideas and insight.

Travels Around America

Traci Suppa of Go Big or Go Home took her kids to the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which she discovered is much better suited for tweens and teens than younger children. Especially if they play an instrument or have aspirations of fame! Her older son had his Beatles epiphany moment and enjoyed the visit much more than his younger sibling.

Steve Pratt from More Kids than Suitcases took his tween daughters to the No Name Pub in the Florida Keys and reports the money covering the walls and ceiling made quite the impression on them in his post No Name Pub on Big Pine Key.

Julia Henning shared her view of Traveling with Tweens and Early Teens  via a guest post on Roadtrips for Families.  This article dates from 2011 but it is so true we had to include it here.  Over a two-week period in December, two adults and one teen drove 4,500 miles (from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon).  You’ll have to read the article to see how they survived.

Where Have You Been? Call For Links for Next Travel with Teens and Tweens Round-Up

We make an effort to pull together a teen and tween oriented family blog carnival every 8-10 weeks.  The next one will focus on Summer and Fall Family Travel and as always we are looking for articles that tell a family’s story, rather than just listing things to do.  We expect to publish it in late September  If you have a link to share please email  it to – maryt <at> travel-with-teens <dot> com.   We can’t wait to hear what you and your teens and tweens have been up to.

May 142012

Its time again to check in with with some of our favorite traveling families.  As usual, moms, dads, teens, tweens, siblings, pets, friends and relatives have been exploring the world in any number of unique and imaginative ways from slow round-the-world unschooling to short luxury getaways and everything in between.  We hope you find time to visit each of these wonderful blogs and get some travel inspiration of your own from reading each of their stories!

We start by catching up with our favorite round the world travelers.

Updates from Long Term Traveling Families

When we last heard from Tigger and Crazy Dad from 1 Dad 1 Kid, they were packing up to leave Honduras and were heading to Columbia.  In their post  Welcome to Columbia, we learned how they survived lengthy inquisitions and the loss of a Kindle at the hands of  US Customs and TSA agents as they changed planes in Florida en route from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Bogota. From there they explored Bogata by bike and Couchsurfed through Medellin before heading off to Ecuador two weeks later.  If you are planning to visit Columbia with kids, tweens or teens, Crazy Dad has some good travel tips and recommendations in this post.

Next we visited with world travelers Theodora and her tween-aged son who blog on Travels with A Nine Year Old.  We read their series of posts about their adventures exploring the Nile and Cairo.  We particularly enjoyed their photo essay titled Sailing a Felucca Down the Nile .  The images are stunning enough to make anyone want to visit the area.  How they find time for homeschooling and blogging amid their adventures we’ll never know but we are glad they stop to share their experiences.

We also checked with Lainie and her tween son Miro who are also in the midst of of their own long term global exploration, which is well chronicled on her blog Raising Miro.  We enjoyed the videos of Miro taking an Improv class in English that is offered for travelers in Lima, Peru where they are currently based.  Lainie’s post Improv for Travelers! shows how Improv can help even experienced travelers improve their verbal interactions and build self confidence.

Michelle Duffy of Wandermom, had us laughing with her post Things Your Kids Will Only Say in Amsterdam as her tween tried to convince mom that an evening walking tour of that city’s famous red light district would be educational.  Never a dull moment for this family which recently completed a year long round the world adventure!

Spring Break Fun

Next we checked in with the Canadian-based traveling Goodmurphy family who share their travel adventures on the Gone With Family blog.  In March, their Spring Break vacation took the family to France for 9 days including a special D-Day Tour of Normandy.  They made a 2.5 hour drive (each way) from Paris for a private tour of  Juno Beach where the Canadian troops came ashore during the D-Day invasion in 1944.  They found the the Juno Beach Centre well equipped to educate kids of all ages about the history of Canada in the 1930’s, the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy.  They also paid their respects at the Canadian War Cemetery located in Reviers where more than 2000 headstones are beautifully maintained.  It was a moving and educational day for their 10th grader and 8 year old.

Traci and the family from Go Big or Go Home, went to Washington DC for their Spring Break where they found The World’s Largest Collection of Espionage Artifacts at the Spy Museum.  The hands on exhibits made the whole family feel like they were in a James Bond movie.

Destinations Close to Home

Kara from The Vacation Gals, tells of taking her 10 year old tween son to Denver’s LEGO KidsFest in her post LEGO KidsFest: Highly Recommended Event for LEGO-loving Kids of All Ages.  If you are considering taking a LEGO-crazed tween to one of these events, take Kara’s advice on strategies for getting the most out of  these highly creative and exhausting festivals.

Sue of Field Trips with Sue and her teen and tween wrote about a recent caving trip in Northwest Georgia’s Cloudland Canyon. Check out the photos of them  crawling on hands and knees through an area that reminded Sue of the chocolate river out of Willy Wonka, in her post Cave Tours in Georgia.  As Sue says, “Did I forget to mention the bats?”

Closer to home, Gina Martin, writing as a guest author on Albany Kid,  wrote about Family Fun in New York City’s East Village : The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Kids of all ages enjoy the soft service ice cream and wide range of toppings available there.

In addition to all these wonderful travel stories we also found some great tips for traveling families by reading Sheri May’s Top Two Theatre Picks in NYC for Tweens & Teens and Travelling Mom’s Eternal Rome for Kids and Families.

Although we have never met most of our favorite family travel bloggers in person we feel like we know them well after reading about all their family adventures.  We so appreciate the time they take to tell their story.  We hope you visit all their sites.

Where Have You Been? Call For Links for Next Blog Carnival

We make an effort to pull together a teen and tween oriented family blog carnival every 8-10 weeks.  The next one will focus on Summer Travel and as always we are looking for articles that tell a family’s story, rather than just listing things to do.  We expect to publish it in late July.  If you have a link to share please email  it to – maryt <at> travel-with-teens <dot> com.   We can’t wait to hear what you and your teens and tweens have been up to.

Mar 152012

This is another in our semi-regular series of round-ups featuring recent articles by some of our favorite family travel writers who are exploring the world with teens and tweens in tow.  This time around we learned about some great museums sure to hold the attention of this crowd.  We also had the opportunity to read about some truly awesome once in a lifetime adventures and ponder jealously how we could line up one of those gigs.  Finally, we read with admiration about the doings of those traveling families who have taken the homeschool or unschooling route in order to show their teens and tweens the world.  We hope you enjoy these articles as well.

Great Museums for Teens and Tweens

Corning Musuem Tower Sculpture

Corning Musuem Tower Sculpture

Sandra Foyt of Albany Kid shared her experiences of visiting two museums with  teen and tween in her articles  Take the Kids to the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C and the Corning Glass Museum: The 90 Minute Tour in Corning NY.  At the Spy Museum they smuggled out photos of several “off limits” exhibits and learned how to blow glass at the Corning Museum.  Who knows, both skills may come in handy some day.

Sherri of Sherri May’s Traveling Classroom took her teen and tween on a Stray Boots cell phone guided half scavenger hunt and half walking tour of New York City in Discovering  Midtown Manhattan Clue by Clue.  They choose the Bryant Park and Grand Central: Movers, Shakers & Skyscrapers tour which included stops at Grand Central and the New York City Library and required them to do research like asking the price of a hamburger at one of New York’s most expensive restaurants.  Sounded like a fun way to learn about the city.

Traci from Go Big or Go Home made a visit to the World’s Largest Permanent Robotics Exhibit, Pittsburgh, PA at the Carnegie Science Center with her “geeky” husband and teenage son (her daughter got dragged along too).  The exhibit does homage to C3-PO and R2-D2 of Star Wars fame, but her boy was mostly intrigued by air hockeybot, which plays air hockey against a human.  Apparently it is possible to score on it!

The most exotic museum visit goes to Lainie and her tween son Miro of Raising Miro who learned about the elongated skulls of Paracas at the Paracas History Museum in Peru in their article The Elongated Skulls of Paracas.  Apparently these unusually shaped skulls are 2.5 times as large as the average human skull today.  Miro is pretty sure these ancient people were really aliens! They sure look like them.

Ultimate Getaways

Kara of The Vacation Gals recently shared the Best Private Snowcat Skiing in Colorado at Exclusive Three Forks Ranch with her husband and two tweens. This  ranch resort on more than 200,000 acres crossing the border of Wyoming and Colorado, north of Steamboat Springs offers a high end vacation for those who really want to get away in the winter.  Instead of a ski lift, a snow cat takes small groups of no more than 8 skiers at a time to the top of a pristine ski hill — talk about privacy and powder!

Southernmost Point Marker in Key West

Southernmost Point Marker in Key West

Dana Rebman writing on Ciao Bambino took the Ultimate Mother Daughter Road Trip Through the Florida Keys driving her 13 year old daughter around the Keys in a Chevy Volt.  They stopped at the the Big Cypress National Preserve in the Everglades, did a snorkeling tour amid a school of barracudas at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, did an overnight and dolphin swim at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa and made it to Key West in time for one of its famed sunsets.  This road trip was sponsored by Chevy as a promotion for the new Volt – seems like it made an impression!

Sue, of Field Trips with Sue, and her teen son got rid of their winter blues with a visit to the Southern Cross Guest Ranch: A Horseback Trail Riding Retreat in Georgia.  At Southern Cross, guests are involved in the entire process of riding from selecting their ride from the more than 200 horses on the property, to brushing the horse, putting on the saddle, following their guide for a ride around the ranch’s 200 acres and then reversing the process until the horse is taken back out to the pasture.  They had a great time.

Homeschool Family Travel Adventures

Pamela of the Escape is Possible blog took her homeschooled teens on a family field trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park to reinforce a science unit on volcanos.  The snow capped mountains and active geothermal sites made for a great day.

Australian Sea Lions

Australian Sea Lions

Amy of Livin on the Road, drove her family of tweens and younger siblings 30 kms down a pretty awful road to experience Sceale Bay’s Sea Lions,  the only mainland sea lion colony in South Australia.  They camped out and spent the next day marveling at the dozens of sea lions in residence.  Ten year old son  successfully lobbied to make the documentation of sea lion observations the focal point for that day’s homeschooling.

KJ, a 16 year old blogger traveling Southeast Asia and Australia with her family, shares her insights on her Dear Lunch Table blog.  At a birthday party for her mother in Vietnam she gained a lot of traveling insight from her mom’s friends which can be best summed up by a quote she shared – “A good friend bails you out of jail, but a best friend is sitting next to you saying, ‘damn, that was fun.”  Read her article Vietnam: The Top 10 Lessons I Learned From Traveling with My Parents’ Friends . . .to find out the rest of the lessons, and don’t forget Lesson #3: eat the crocodile!

World travelers Theodora and her 10 year old son of Travels With A Nine Year Old had the chance to roll, swim, and generally play in the sand dunes of Egypt’s Sinai desert in What Does a Kid Do for Four Days in the Desert?  They also got to meet camels, drink gallons of Bedouin tea, find quartz and fossils in river beds and hike through a canyon to a palm-fringed oasis.

Finally, Crazy Dad and his 9 year old son Tigger from 1 Dad 1 Kid shared their perspective on the nomad life as they prepared to end 8 months of living, snorkeling and scuba diving on the island of Utila in the  Honduras in Parting Thoughts from Utila.  Sounds like they had a pretty good experience there.

Corning Museum photo courtesy of Jordan Miller via Wikimedia

Southernmost Point photo courtesy of Stefan Kokemüller via Wikimedia

Sea Lions courtesy of Cody Pope via Wikimedia


Travel with Teens and Tweens Blog Carnival Winter 2012

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Jan 082012

Welcome to the January 8, 2012 edition of the Travel with Teens and Tweens Blog Carnival.  This is another in our ongoing series that features links to some of our favorite family travel blog posts involving real families with kids ages 10-18.  These families get around and provide a lot of fun family travel inspiration .. so here we go.

Hiking Adventures

Landscape on the hike to Hawaii Big Island Petroglyph preserve
The scrub forest reminds us of old Hawaii

Jennifer Miner of The Vacation Gals sent us Hiking Trail on Hawaii’s Kohala Coast about a stroll on the the Ala Kahakai Trail connecting the Hapuna Beach Prince and Mauna Kea Beach Hotels on Hawaii’s Big Island.  It is part of a 175-mile historic trail circling much of the Island.  Jen says, “hiking is always a healthy family vacation activity, and this leg of a historic trail in Hawaii was easy enough for my tweens to walk without complaining!”   We hiked part of this trail when we visited the nearby petroglyph fields and agree that sections of this trail are good for teens and tweens although might be too challenging and hot for younger kids.

Michelle Duffy at Wandermom sent us a link to Hiking The Inca Trail With Kids which she describes as their best family hike ever.  This was a major high altitude 3-day hike complete with an escort, cook and porter! This is definitely the way we want to hike.  The photos are stunning.   For families looking for international travel ideas, the Wandermom family is currently wrapping up a year of around the world travel so they are a great source.

Family RVing

Steve Jones at Fulltime RV Living, shares a retrospective look back at the 6 month RV vacation he and his family took across New Zealand when he and his brother were teens in Family RVing – New Zealand in the Fall.  Steve remembers it as one of his best family vacations ever – although that might have been because he got to miss several weeks of school!  He particularly enjoyed the jet boats and rapids in Queenstown.

The RV adventures continue in an article shared by the Abundant Journey’s Life Is Full of Bloom blog, which features teenage Ms Lena and her family on a Family Christmas Journey from Texas through Little Rock, Memphis and Nashville on the way to Ohio. Time just flies by with teens and we are reminded to enjoy them while we have them.

And More….

Kyle McCarthy of My Family Travels sent us Austin Beyond the City Limits, recounting a recent visit with her older teen.  This was a bit of a nostalgia tour for the teen to see where dad had grown up. The parents hadn’t been there since 1986, so it was eye opening for everyone to see how the city has expanded and progressed!

Last but not least, Debbie Kaplan from Jersey Kids sent us a review of the Disney Wonder Mexican Riviera Cruise  which got a big thumbs up from her  tween.  Debbie’s advice is to make sure your teen or tween shows up at the age-specific Vibe or  Edge meeting spaces at the beginning of the cruise, so they can get connected with the other teens and tweens on board quickly.  As usual with teens and tweens, its all about the friends!

Send us your posts for next time!

That concludes this edition of the Travel with Teens and Tweens blogcarnival. Submit your blog article to the next edition using our submit link or the block shown below.  We plan to publish again in mid March 2012.

Blog Carnival submission form - travel with teens 'n tweens carnival

 You can also send links direct to Mary T via Facebook, Twitter or   mary t <@> travel-with-teens <dot> com.  Links to our past blog carnival listings can be found on our Blog Carnival page

Dec 142011

Welcome to the December 14, 2011 edition of the Carnival of Cities blog carnival that features links to blog posts about  any aspect of one, single city (or fair-sized town).  It is published every two weeks, thanks to the efforts of Shelia Scarborough who keeps us organized.  The previous edition of the Carnival of Cities was hosted on the Perceptive Travel Blog.   The next edition on April 20, 2011 will be hosted by Shelia’s Guide to the Good Stuff.  This is the third time Travel with Teens and Tweens has hosted the Carnival.  We enjoy the chance it gives us to check out what lots of other wonderful travel writers are up to.  If you would like to host a future Carnival edition on your blog please contact:  Sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com. Thanks! And now, here we go:

City Fun Around the World!

Anne-Sophie Redisch presents Fiery Furnas: Steamy cauldrons in the Azores posted at Sophie’s World, saying, “The town of Furnas in the Azores is surrounded by mountains, absurdly green hills and luxuriant gardens. Lush flowers and large ferns abound.”

Yvonne Zagermann presents A typical Berlinlike weekend posted at JUST TRAVELOUS, saying, “What happens in Berlin if you spend a weekend like a local…”

Katrina presents Hot and Sweet Diversions in Cork posted at TourAbsurd: Traveling with a light heart!, saying, “Some of our favorite indulgences in Cork, Ireland. Sweets and eats to warm you up on a cold Irish day!”

Katie Aune presents Autumn in St. Petersburg posted at Katie Going Global,saying, “A photo essay showcasing St. Petersburg, Russia in the autumn.”

Michael Hodson presents Cabo Polonio, Uruguay in Photos posted at Go, See, Write – overland RTW adventure travel, saying, “Tiny “city,” but big fun!”

Indrani Ghose presents i Share: Jaisalmer posted at i Share, saying, “Travel experiences in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan,India.”

AbundantJourneys presents About Brazil Language For Business Travelers And Tourists posted at Life Is Full of Bloom.

Jack Norell presents The Louvre Museum,Paris posted at Eyeflare – Travel Articles and Tips, saying, “The world’s largest, and most fascinating museum is filled with historical treasure. I love this place.”

Dominique King presents Catching a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game – Midwest Guest posted at Midwest Guest, saying, “Pierogi races, Primanti Brothers and the Pittsburgh Pirates make for a great summer baseball outing!”

Sheila Scarborough presents Travel Post Friday: Billy’s Downtown Diner posted at Sheila’s Guide To The Good Stuff, saying, “In historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (in the Lehigh Valley) is one of the best diners you’ll ever visit, thanks to its gracious host.”

Eileen Ludwig presents Exciting to Meet Astronaut Scott Parazynski for Lunch at Kennedy Space Center (KSC)  posted at Freelance Tourist: Travel Tips, saying, “City is Kennedy Space Center, Florida”

Byteful Travel presents Why Coit Tower is one of San Francisco’s Best-Kept Secrets posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “San Francisco, CA: A sane person would have taken a bus or a car up to San Francisco’s Coit Tower, but I didn’t. Instead, I walked the wild San Francisco streets up to the top of Telegraph Hill. To scale that 83 meter hill, I even walked up stairs at points; and when I finally reached the Coit Tower parking lot, I was rewarded with a view of the bay and Alcatraz Island in the distance. But little did I know I was about to get my socks knocked off.”

Mary @ The World Is A Book presents Eating in Brussels with kids posted at The World Is A Book, saying, “How can kids not enjoy visiting a city that gives out free chocolate samples at almost every corner?”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of cities using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Oct 232011

Around our house the push has been on to ramp up the school year — with both kids in high school this year — and #1 Son getting that all important Common Application for college whipped into shape.  Other than our almost endless college tours, we’ve been home the last few months.  As a result, more than ever we’ve been living vicariously through the many wonderful family travel blogs that write about their own family adventures with teens and tweens.   Here’s a round up of some of the articles we have enjoyed most recently – hope you stop by to check them out too!

North American Family Adventures

Nancy of Family on Bikes has seen a lot with her traveling family as they have biked the length of North and South America but her recent article, Chased by a Bear, describes an unexpected close encounter with a 400 pound black bear the family biked across northern British Columbia, proving that “two adrenaline-fueled cyclists can pedal faster” than a black bear!  This is one adventure we don’t need to experience first hand but we are glad they escaped to tell the tale.

Julie Henning pointed us to a Guest Post: Traveling with Tweens and Barely Teens  on Road Trips For Families, about surviving vacation with tweens and barely teens. Two moms wrote about a 4500 mile, two week vacation with their son Dru.  One of the traveling moms said, “Planning ahead, keeping things flexible, making sure our son felt heard and important, and giving him as much decision-making power as possible were key in keeping the three of us sane for our epic journey across the Wild West!”

Anne Patrone told us about her family Zip-Lining over the Jungle: Tulum Xtreme Adventure wherein mom had a lot more worries and angst than the kids did when it came to zip-lining from 66 foot high “swaying towers seemingly built out of wimpy wood while whipped by a fierce wind”.  Posted on  500 Places With Kids, Anne described it as “A great adventure for bored tweens/teens along the Mexican Riviera.”   Anne’s tribe has a penchant for adventure, and always seems to be on the go.  Most recently, they visited a Missile Silo and hiked the Badlands in South Dakota too.Badlands colors are surreal

Family Travel with a Global Perspective

Kyle McCarthy from My Family Travels posted a delightful article about his family’s experiences traveling the backroads of Provence with a teen on their way to the Cannes Film Festival.  Read The Road to Cannes- Exploring Provence to get the perspective of a jet-lagged family of New Yorkers, enjoying the peace and tranquility of a traditional french country farm house and the surrounding countryside.

Also in Europe, Jennifer Miner of The Vacation Gals shared her experience of biking the walled city of Lucca in Tuscany, Italy with a teen and a tween in her article Bike Tour of Lucca, Italy.  She says Lucca is perfect for this age group: “a living museum, what with the Medieval architecture all around, with gelaterias and pizzarias in most piazzas.”

We also enjoyed getting to know 10 year old Peter and his mom, dad, two sisters and baby brother who are traveling around Australia in a 22 foot caravan. Peter keeps us up to date on his blog Adventurous Childhood.  In one of their most recent adventures the family went Swimming with Sea Lions.  Peter’s 9 year old sister Susan has her own blog Life and Views about their travels.  Mom’s version of their escapades  can be found on the Livin on the Road blog.

And, A Bit of Halloween Cheer!

Finally, living in New England, with Halloween around the corner, we definitely enjoyed Sherri May’s Halloween in Salem with her eleven year old son and his friend, posted on Sherri May’s Traveling Classroom.  Home of the Salem witchcraft trials, this Massachusetts town goes all out with a month of Halloween Haunted Happenings that any teen or tween can enjoy.  Don’t forget to wear a costume!